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录像名称|Name: [VOD]Nal_Ra Vs Goodfriend(Gillette OSL)
更新时间|Date Added:
录像版本|SC Version: [1.16]
Namja Iyagi
录象大小|Size: 68M
录象种族|Races: TvP
录象类型|Type: 裁判视角视频
录象介绍|Descriptions: 隐藏介绍(hide Descriptions)


Group A: GoodFriend (Lee Byung Min) v Nal_Ra (Kang Min) - Namja Iyagi

Both players had already been eliminated by the time they faced each other on Namja Iyagi, leaving the main topic of interest whether the reigning champion would crash out 0-3. Friend (terran at 2 o'clock) survived an early scare after Ra (protoss at 10) pyloned his ramp. Having escaped the quick loss, Friend slowly and methodically began building his force for the horizontal push towards Ra in the opposite corner of the map

Nal_Ra looked inscrutable, but one cannot help feeling that, having reached two finals in a row, he was merely going through the motions here, unmotivated by a previously determined first round exit. Perhaps looking to keep the game relatively short, he prodded and probed, keeping Friend at arm's length while producing early carriers from two stargates. Just as Ra was readying to deploy his fleet, Friend scanned it, giving him the forewarning he needed to fend off the first wave. With the early win eluding Ra the game went, literally, back and forth across the top of the map, with Friend continually chipping away at the carriers with his teams of goliaths. Meanwhile, with Ra seemingly asleep with regard to scouting, Friend was securing expansions down the right side of the map.

Friend was putting up determined resistance to the endless flow of carriers, with goliaths and then various fleets of wraiths. However, once Ra woke up to the expo axis along the map's right side he started to turn the screw. Patiently he started to attack the expos while neutralising Friend's attempts to counter. A double high templar drop at 5 and Ra began squeezing the terran economy. Friend was trying desparately to counterattack but one by one the expos were falling and his valiant attempts to rebuild them took up the last of his precious resources. He showed some good goliath micro to hold off a carrier/high templar assault but the mineral supply was running dry. There was one last attempt to counter with a force of vultures, but with the coffers well and truly empty he signalled gg.

Friend (0-3) should yet show that he is not outclassed in the Starleague but, as expected, he was well and truly outclassed in this group. Ra (1-2) looks out of sorts and the aura of invincibilty he has been projecting for the last few months has faded. Up next week, the group decider between Oov and Reach.

Thanks a lot!From TL!
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